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This site is designed and maintained for the citizens of Amelia, Virginia.  It was established in 1998.  It is a community site for your information and convenience.  Thank you for your support!

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Historical Buildings

Wigwam, home of William Branch Giles, Governor of Virginia (1827-1830), is located on Giles Road in northern Amelia. (Route 637)

Haw Branch, located on Haw Branch Lane, was constructed in 1745 by Colonel Thomas Tabb. (Route 667)

Egglestetton was built in the mid-1700ís and is located on Egglestetton Road. (Route 630)

The Farmer House, located off State Route 307 on Days Lane, was built in 1821 by Nelson Farmer. (Route 647)

St. Johnís Episcopal Church at Grub Hill was built in 1762 and is located on Grub Hill Church Road. (Route 609)

Dykeland, the nineteenth century home of the Harvie and Taylor families, is located on Dykeland Road. (Route 632)

Namozine Presbyterian Church, located on Namozine Road, was an encampment site for Robert E. Leeís troops as they departed from Petersburg towards the fateful journey to Appomattox (Route 708)

Battlefield State Historical Park, located on Saylers' Creek Road, was the last major battle of the Civil War before Appomattox. (Route 617)

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